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Last Of The Hard Men

You are very difficult to find,
More difficult to kill.
How many shots did you take?
Tequila or bullets?
Please, don’t be flippant.
There is a great deal at stake.
Pray tell.
The consensus of opinion
Says you are the
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P**S OFF! [Daughter]

How dare you!
My own  daughter.
So petty minded
I have to close
This account.
Expect nothing more
Everything gets cancelled
As I shut the door
Now f**k off
Tell your mum
You are on your own.
How does that … Read the rest

The Battle

Ok, word,
Lets get down to it.
You wrote sonnets,
When all the girls wore bonnets.
You went to grammar school,
Just like I did,
But like a kid
No, wait.
By age sixteen,
You were versed,
In one hundred … Read the rest

The Word

The word.
I am the world.
Don’t f**k with me, I know how this is fashioned,
Built on blood
Are we understood?
Put a gun to my head.
I dare you,
Do I scare you?
Be afraid.
What happens next
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Forget It

Happiness, step on my mind.
Take liberties,
Where I find,
But not with you.
Stew me out,
I can handle it.
Show me the door,
As I kiss you,
I got more,
Than this.
Don’t take the p**s.
So, … Read the rest


Just shut up and listen,
For a while.
The devil,
Has a handsome
Not like mine,
Ripped off,
As a child.
No ransom paid,
So I went wild.
A feral kid,
Who did what,
He did.
Relied on no … Read the rest

Tears of a Lion

You’re the first the last,
The alpha and omega.
Keep looking for the contrast,
But, I see you,
So I don’t think,
Blink it away.
Found someone else ok?,
But you happen to stay,
In my heart.
What the f**k!… Read the rest

Words to Her

Is this an olive branch I see,
Or some barbed stick to beat me?
Not seeking an apology that once,
You gave so freely.
The viciousness of your attack,
Would break the back of lesser men,
But I am made … Read the rest


Even when I got sober
I knew it was over.
You didn’t have to go
Behind my back.
I would have understood.
I wondered how you could,
But that’s enough of that.
Your not coming back,
That’s just a fact.… Read the rest

War Story

He loved it,
Saw an unexpected beauty in it.
You had to look closely,
Difficult to define.
He had a job to do
And he loved it.
It was death or victory
For him.
I thought he had a screw
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His guns are blazing

The action amazing

Wasn’t meant to be here

But the fear

It strikes

He cant pull the trigger

No more

A score of men

Lying on the floor

Probably had wives and kids

Just like he … Read the rest


No glory in war.

The men who died,

The heroes.

But what you saw

I suppose



No excuses.

This is raw.

Your story?

Show me more,

The gory details

Criminal abuses

I won’t think about it anymore.

Need … Read the rest


Silence can become betrayal,

The final nail.

He remains loyal

To principles

Long since sailed;

Not conventional

But rock steady

In conviction.

Always ready,

Often on the boil

Simmering now.

A glimmer of hope

Now stale

Looking for release

The … Read the rest


Bitter b****y war,

What is at the core?

Insecurity of nations

Or ruddy faced


Who cannot explain

Why this happened

In the first place.

Kills more

Than are replaced,

A f*****g disgrace.

Strafe, bomb or burn

Don’t turn away,… Read the rest


He stood before me,

Sword in hand,

The band of men

Around him;

Laughing at my plight.

You could not shine

A light

Between us.

Would I run or fight?

If I struck first,

As well I might,

One step … Read the rest

Put Down the War

Put down the war,

It’s a bore

To friends.

Sends the wrong


But presages


The horse steps back,

Dressage style,

And all the while

Empty handed


Without a smile

Cast an image

Of a little child

Who … Read the rest


Who gets paid for honour?

B****y bandages,

Loss of limbs

That only skims

The surface.

P*********y of disaster

Or would you rather

Look away?

I no longer can.

Not enough time,

People to meet;

I always lived

On easy street.… Read the rest

The Fight

I cut and I hacked

‘Till the bodies

Stacked up

Behind me.

I felt no remorse

But of course

The enemy would find me.

He stood tall;

I looked him in the eye

And spied

A weakness.

Swords clashed,

Sparks … Read the rest

Battle Field

The enemies’ swords

Cut and cut again.

The smell of cordite

Brought me to my knees.

I said please

Don’t you remember

The words I said?

I bled out for you,

That is not true,

Best put aside, laid to … Read the rest

What do you want from me?

Love fell through my hands like desert sands.
I looked for guidance,
There was none.
Then good riddance,
Desperate child.
The sun came out,
Warmed and kissed my face.
What is the matter?
Would you shatter my illusions of place?
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