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Psychosis – Book Three




Stephen Whittaker

Chapter 1


Gabriel owned several garages near his home where he stored exotic automobiles. His favourite was the Maranello Ferrari. He had owned the vehicle some fifteen years and remembered taking his third wife … Read the rest

Psychosis – Book Two



By Stephen Whittaker



– 1 –

Next Morning

Where curtain meets curtain a small gap allowed sunlight to seep into the bedroom, catching Irena’s lovely face. He gently kissed her neck and she stretched with a feline quality … Read the rest





By Stephen Whittaker




Highly intelligent, wealthy man, fighting with his alcohol issues. Compassionate, but can be ruthless when needed. He cuts a lonely figure after several failed relationships. Totally honest in his dealings and generous. Never knows … Read the rest

Last Of The Hard Men

You are very difficult to find,
More difficult to kill.
How many shots did you take?
Tequila or bullets?
Please, don’t be flippant.
There is a great deal at stake.
Pray tell.
The consensus of opinion
Says you are the
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Martin Luther

I had a dream.
Words well chosen
By Doctor King.
Brings back a memory.
Of things,
That might have been.
You don’t critique
The messenger,
For acts unseen.
Listen to his words
As his mind is keen.
He liked women,… Read the rest


The ruptured structure,
Of our lives,
The truth.
If you want proof,
A heart so broken
Can’t be put back together,
Unless someone,
Picks it up,
Walks with it,
Runs with it,
To fields of rapture.… Read the rest

No Witness

Going down,
Feeling it’s the beat.
Going underground,
Where I don’t make a sound.
So many memories,
In the lost and found.
I can be discreet.
Did I say?
Just said I loved you,
On the street,
But … Read the rest


Just shut up and listen,
For a while.
The devil,
Has a handsome
Not like mine,
Ripped off,
As a child.
No ransom paid,
So I went wild.
A feral kid,
Who did what,
He did.
Relied on no … Read the rest

The Ghost

Thoughts whisper,
Through his mind.
The air feels strange.
The room so quiet,
And so he stares.
Hacks around ideas,
He doesn’t like.
Pages on the floor,
Only fit for fire.
Takes another look.
Is there any pattern here?
Gets … Read the rest

This is How it’s Told

There is a story here,
A man so bold,
Something of a cavalier.
Liked a challenge,
Had no fear.
This is how it’s told.

Riding in the woods one day
He spied a maid, lovely to behold,
And approaching her … Read the rest

Once Upon an Evening Dreary

Once upon an evening dreary,
When my bones felt weak and weary
I heard a knock on my front door.
“Who is there?” I asked.
No answer came.
I peeped through the curtain.
I was certain I saw a man
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Epic Formulaic

– Epic 1 –

New story,
Same beginning.
I know how this ends.
Our hero,
Deep on morals;
How tragic he looks.
He has no friends.
Always on the move
Definition of a loner.
Short on words.
Long on

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