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Half Past Midnight

Half past midnight
His day begins.
His tread so quiet
As he walks through the night.
The darkness hides him.
All he has to confide in.
Goes to the 24 hour shop,
Gets a bottle of wine.
Maybe he will
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You go on track,

Trying to go faster,

Competing narratives.

Ask you

Will you last here?


Speeding away

From controversy,

No no no.

Climatic changes

In our lives

Leaves us strangers

To truth,

So we tell lies.

A truth … Read the rest

How Slim

How slim the line

‘Twixt fame and failure.

But if you don’t ask

Could I do better,

And blame the rest

That would be a shame.

And you claim nothing.

And you remain

In an endless spiral,

Going nowhere.

You … Read the rest


Your face

Is everything I need.

You are beautiful,

And my creed

Is honour.

Respect and duty

To the man next to me.

Are you faithful

To this memory?… Read the rest

No Shame Or Blame

What tares like a passion

Can drift; can lift two people apart.

Who good heart

But not meant to be.

I know you are over me

But where does that

Leave me?

Apportioning no blame

The shame is mine.

But … Read the rest


Took a woman for a date,

But I arrived late,

Apologising like a child.

This was my fate.

She said ‘Don’t bother

This place is great.’

I took the menu;

Let’s go wild,

The most expensive

Bottle of wine,

That … Read the rest

Block Doubt

Who knew the truth?

Was a proof required?

He wrote till he got tired.

Doubting himself

Every step of the way,

Every night and day.

Then he got wired

So he could play.

Had no say,

But he was loved… Read the rest


I love a precious woman,

She can come when she please;

I do not tease.

My integrity is every thing

I have to offer.

I hope she takes it,

Because guess what?

I fell in love.

The queen of angelic… Read the rest

Nowhere Man

In and out he goes;

And throws a new reality.

Where the woes go

He does not know.

Not given, but snatched

From some uncertainty.

So he rests.

Did he get it off his chest?

Oh no oh no.

He … Read the rest

The Joker

I can’t fake it;

You can trace it to memories

I chose to forget.

Will never leave me

The begotten one.

I don’t live

In regret.

You bring purpose

In the shine

Of the smile,

And gentle laughter

That touches … Read the rest


I will not go,

Thrown To the winds;

Not without

Feeling forced.

Perhaps divorced

From a certain reality, but spins a story

Of calamity.

His vanity still sings.

This is his choice.

What bends or twists

Allow this?

What god … Read the rest


If you don’t want to laugh,

Or cry

You are missing


What jelly

In your head

Counts for a brain?

Is he insane?


But he remains

The same.

Not seeking fame.

More a notoriety;

That’s the suit

That … Read the rest


Nothing comes from nothing,

But something did.

Walked out,

Taking early breaths;

Then began to shout.

His outraged screams

Unwelcome in the crowd.

They wanted joy and laughter,

But that’s not what it’s about.

Their roar wore a silence,

But … Read the rest

Within Again

There is a stage

In the address of man,

Who could do better?

But how he can.

Immorality revoked,

He must perform,

Lest chokes

In the air frame,

Limit his scopes.

But the torture

And the rage

Within him

Threatens … Read the rest

No Man

He talked like a man,

But thought like a saint.

Looked for contrition,

But still no admission.

What had he done?

He walked down the streets;

People looked at him funny.

He didn’t care

He had the money.

He was … Read the rest


Let’s take a drive;

See what’s mine.

You have nothing.

Committing no crime,

But you blue it away.

That was yesterday;

Tomorrow you will be fine.

You loved, but hurt several times.

That is the curse

That is humanity.

 … Read the rest


I do not believe in god,

But I believe in you.

Do you believe in me?

Something of a reprobate.

Closest to Christ

You will ever see

Are all I have to offer.

When angels fall

They fall far.

No … Read the rest

No Mystery

Going no where,

What’s the trouble?

Think you can double

On debts?

You gambled too heavy,

Spare the grievance,

Look at the achievements.

It’s not a mystery,

But there is

History here.

Big boys don’t cry;

They f*****g do,

I … Read the rest

The Footballer

I watched the sun come up today;

Naked trees

Beneath a cloud of grey.

But if you can’t ping a forty yard pass you are nothing;

A footballer, that’s what you are.

Call this the baller.

We do not do … Read the rest


Once upon another life, when I was free I saw you,

You saw me.

Incarceration; a grown man but a child inside, feckless reckless.

Keeping secrets, he made his way

In the world,

Yet he curled from the past,

And … Read the rest

The Quiet Man

Don’t worry about the noisy ones,

Too obvious.

The quiet man,

More dangerous.

No one knows him.

Invisible underground;

Can you find him?

Doubt it.

But sounds you may recover on radar,

Because he can’t shut up.

He leaves a … Read the rest