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No Lies

There are no lies

Left to tell;

You know them all too well.

But the spell

That transitions

Changes positions.

I have no gift to carry,

But the parry

Of sword.

I will listen,

As glistening blades

Decide on me.… Read the rest

No Shame Or Blame

What tares like a passion

Can drift; can lift two people apart.

Who good heart

But not meant to be.

I know you are over me

But where does that

Leave me?

Apportioning no blame

The shame is mine.

But … Read the rest


Took a woman for a date,

But I arrived late,

Apologising like a child.

This was my fate.

She said ‘Don’t bother

This place is great.’

I took the menu;

Let’s go wild,

The most expensive

Bottle of wine,

That … Read the rest

Block Doubt

Who knew the truth?

Was a proof required?

He wrote till he got tired.

Doubting himself

Every step of the way,

Every night and day.

Then he got wired

So he could play.

Had no say,

But he was loved… Read the rest

Nowhere Man

In and out he goes;

And throws a new reality.

Where the woes go

He does not know.

Not given, but snatched

From some uncertainty.

So he rests.

Did he get it off his chest?

Oh no oh no.

He … Read the rest

The Joker

I can’t fake it;

You can trace it to memories

I chose to forget.

Will never leave me

The begotten one.

I don’t live

In regret.

You bring purpose

In the shine

Of the smile,

And gentle laughter

That touches … Read the rest


Let’s take a drive;

See what’s mine.

You have nothing.

Committing no crime,

But you blue it away.

That was yesterday;

Tomorrow you will be fine.

You loved, but hurt several times.

That is the curse

That is humanity.

 … Read the rest


I do not believe in god,

But I believe in you.

Do you believe in me?

Something of a reprobate.

Closest to Christ

You will ever see

Are all I have to offer.

When angels fall

They fall far.

No … Read the rest

No Mystery

Going no where,

What’s the trouble?

Think you can double

On debts?

You gambled too heavy,

Spare the grievance,

Look at the achievements.

It’s not a mystery,

But there is

History here.

Big boys don’t cry;

They f*****g do,

I … Read the rest


Cauterise emotion,

Leading to


A time bomb

Tick tick.

The anger built,

Ready to explode

Without guilt

Or restraint;

Only a faint wish

He could do better.

But once unfettered he went wild,

Like a child

Who had tasted … Read the rest

Strung Out On Heaven’s Light

Strung out on heaven’s light.

I’ll be good tonight.

The strangers came today,

To take me away.

A nuisance to society

They said.

Don’t believe it;

Every kiss I gave

Was meant for you.… Read the rest

I Speak On My Terms

I speak on my terms,

The only terms

I own.

I wish you well,

But our hearts


With prospect.

So much to do,

So little time.

I can’t reject my nature,

A creature

Of my own.

I loved,

I … Read the rest

The Raven

Pretty girl

You looked at me

No idea what you see

Do you see the blame?

And the shame I feel?

Maybe less than half a man.

Never enough,

Looking for normality;

So I built

My own reality.

The raven … Read the rest


Nobody here but me.
There’s a figure
Swinging from a tree.
A trait of personality.
Not depressed,
So much to live for
But just could not see.
Where was he going.
Sowing the seeds
Gathered before.
What will he reap
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Love is a sacrifice
For ever,
Doesn’t matter 
How clever
You are
There is only love.
Deny it
You can try it,
No one will buy it.
To love a woman ever
Is your life
You can’t destroy
Having a
Read the rest


You are in the corner
And you can feel the pain,
Taste the blood
In your mouth
And carry on again.
So much to lose
But more to gain;
Of the crowd
Baying for your blood tonight.
For their
Read the rest


He is a manic sir,
You don’t thank him nightly
He will come at you brightly’,
Like a star;
Don’t want a fuss,
In his tendency.
No one knew 
The truth that lay within.
He loved
He laughed,
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A Song

Here’s a song,
Could be long,
I can’t borrow from tomorrow.
Feel the hand
Take away;
I just feel sorrow.
You were blessed,
Not caressed
Enough I know.
Oh yes,
I outlived my stay.
If true love ever happens
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Come With Me

Come with me,
One thing on my mind.
Do you love me,
Yes or no?
I am not blind,
But I must know,
If not,
I must go.

Oh my love,
What is going on?
I stare at the stars … Read the rest

Next II (Daughter)

I know you love him,
No picture,
Just  a frame,
And the shame,
You feel closely,
Will pass away.
A man can do so much,
But he cannot grasp,
When his reach falls short.
He is dying,
But once he … Read the rest

Bang Bang

Bang bang you shot me down.
I don’t believe in anything.
You say no more.
Feels strange,
That you tell lies.
Fly blown,
Just the kind,
I despise,
I am not your clown.
I can love,
Or frighten you,
The … Read the rest