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I don’t know what I am doing
Screwing girls
I don’t know,
But it shows
Me in true light;
W***e Monger at best.
I choose confession
Coz’ it’s not
What you want to hear.
I bare consequences
Yet to
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Sweet Symphonia

There is nothing left,
Bereft of ideas;
But I go on instead.
Come up and see;
I know what love is
And what it’s for.
You are strange,
A girl I never knew,
I don’t have a clue
But you
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I , I never lied to you
But the brew is stirred.
What can I do?
I lost control again
But I tried,
Never lied.
Too precious
And lovely to my eyes.
I can’t despise
A man
That took you
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Loving you

It’s like the sun went out.

I am in perpetual night;

The slightest touch of you

Thrills my heart.

Where do I start?

I have no skill at lying,

Maybe but I can’t.

Love goes deep with me,

The transparency… Read the rest

The Whole World

Every vow I take
Every bone I break
I can’t shake you off.
My love endures,
There are no cures
For the way I feel.
I steal moments
And memories.
They come
With such clarity;
But part of me
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My World

Welcome to my world;

You are not my girl.

I pretend you are

But you are far away.

The distance is immeasurable,

But your company always pleasurable.

I really need you,

But that ain’t going to happen

So I withdraw… Read the rest

My Emotion Now

Some people might get some pleasure;

You’re not one, I am sure.

On my radio

I can put on a show.

You were my anchor,

Now I am all at sea.

Pen to page I don’t know where this leads,… Read the rest

A thought

I tremble with

The fact I almost caught

You unawares;

But the stares

I receive

I want to believe,

But I cannot achieve

What I set out to do.

The glue

Of my life

Falls apart too easy.

The crazy … Read the rest

Under My Skin

You will never know

How much I loved you.

You will never know how much I cared.

But it’s time to check out;

That’s what this stories about.

No more dreams.

If that seems old fashioned

I just gotta let … Read the rest

This Way

Don’t now don’t leave me this way.

I can’t resist your tender kiss

And it touches my heart.

I can never love another

And that is that;

But I loved you.

Maybe not fully expressed,

But I did.

Don’t you … Read the rest


I, I can remember
The falls I had.
But you,
That’s you I said
Rescued me from garbage
Without invective.
This may be retrospective
Musings of a life once held,
Now disconnected.
They only review
So nothing is new.
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All my instincts
Told me
I have for you,
Would never be through,
But I threw it away.
As I say this
I cry.
It hurts,
Causes pain in
My guts.
How could I have been so … Read the rest

One More Time

The battles lines are drawn,

The scornful hate withdrawn.

I will go toe to toe

With anyone you know.

I have lost my greatest treasure;

But the measure

Of a man

Is what he fights for.



Is what … Read the rest

Just For You

I write this just for you.

I understand what you are going through.

There is no closure;

Life exposed

In its rawest.

The pain is great,

Don’t operate.

I feel the lash too;

But we can be heroes,

After a … Read the rest


I would live, die, or kill for you.

These feelings are true.

Does that make me a monster?

I don’t think so.

You, and you alone

I will take orders from.

This is not subservience,

Unbecoming in a man

Shackled … Read the rest

Scathing Walls

They want me to fit in,

So I scratch the walls

‘Till my nails bleed.

What I need

Is to get them off my tail.

I can’t bail,

Never shirk a fight;

But the cold light

Of my destiny

Grows … Read the rest

Your Look

There is nothing I can do

To forsake

The truth of you;

Always honest,

And I promised

I would be good too.

I Let you down;

The frown on you face

Told me all I needed to know.

Your look … Read the rest

Magic Vixen

You do not hold back.

I know this is true.

I said ‘I love you’ back on you.

The sirens scream for an arrest;

I detest, that’s an early warning.

The sun is dawning.

Will I pull through?

I must … Read the rest

Bring Me Back

I mean no harm,

But the charm

Of me

Has gone.

Now I am on the run;

Escaping what

I don’t know.

I want to show you

The deliberation

Of my expectation.

I did love you so,

Still do.

Bring … Read the rest

Not Impressive

I know I am not impressive;

But I am generous and kind.

I pay no mind

To those

Who find

My actions are deplorable.

I just want to help,

I still think you’re adorable.

That won’t go away,

And so … Read the rest

My Emotion Now

Some people might get some pleasure,

You’re not one, I am sure.

On my radio

I can put on a show.

You were my anchor,

Now I am all at sea.

Pen to page I don’t know where this leads;… Read the rest