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Her touch indescribable.
The scrambled bible in his mind.
Was he dealing with an angel?
Surely, surely.
What else could she be?
He gave what he could,
Only his love.
Prayed it would satisfy,
But never sure.
Remember, don’t forget,
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Ever Love

Did you ever love so much
You just want to die?
In the special moments of ecstasy.
Now they only make you cry,
And all the time
You wonder why.
But you can’t make it better,
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I love the way you laugh.
My soul cries out
For a woman like that.
You are not there for me
So let’s make a pact.
You know I love, leave that aside.
You can ride me senseless;
You love
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Look dear baby
What’s going on between us;
Because I sense a difference
Between us.
Life can be tragic,
But is magic
At times.
When the rhymes don’t fit straight.
You can do it,
You can do it,
I know
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I chose a life less worthy.
Don’t think again.
Put my finger to your lips
Don’t lie again.
Can’t we just begin
Not really sure.
Some thing’s lay forgotten
And blister on the floor.
In sunlight.
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If you don’t like it
Then just f**k off.
My house,
My rules.
Sure I’ll miss you,
But not enough
To want you to stay.
It’s in my blood.
Can’t get it away now,
I am not deranged,
Estranged from
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Just Want You To Know

I want to take you home,
Keep you safe
From the nonsense out there.
I can’t bare
The thought you are unhappy.
Slap my face
If I am impertinent;
I live in my head.
No shed, with p***o mags.
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A Tear

So I bust a gut
Trying to rhyme.
Just give me some time
I will think of something
That will blow your mind.
Sooner or later
The world will catch up with you,
The mayhem I left behind.
Washed my
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For The Love….

I washed her with care;
My touch gentle.
All the time, admiring her body,
As water dripped over her curves.
Having finished the task
(Which was my pleasure)
I then left.
On my return
She had dried
In the warmth
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He walked home
And debated in his head.
Now alone,
Never answered the phone.
Locked himself in his room.
But couldn’t sleep
Looking for a tone.
Something he could keep.
Love is a mystery
At least to me.
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Lessons learned

That cannot be retrieved;

My memory imperfect

But the sessions

I reject.

I don’t look for war

But the score won’t

Be relieved.

And so I am turned.

I am stronger

Than you believe,

Though spurned

Like a

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You hurt

But I don’t cry

No more.

Tears ran dry

Long time ago.

But I worry

For my heart.

I want to explain;

And I try

And I try.

Sort of constant refrain.

Find it hard to let go;

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Do you remember when
We loved each other?
I won’t bother with that again
Lovers take from each other.
But you left me falling apart.
I will start again.
Yes I will
And I can. 
I have no hatred,
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Never Let It Be Said

Never let it be said
That romance is dead.
For there’s so little else
Going on in my head.
I wake up each day,
Try to wish it away
And I bide my time.
So I climb the walls instead.
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Would do Anything

I would do anything
To get over you,
But the ping in my head
Calls me to attention.
I don’t need to mention the past,
You know it already.
It’s disrespectful
That you traduce her
And me by association.
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You are the queen of me,
But I am surely no king.
So many lacking
Bring me to my knees.
I look at you
And I guess;
The deprivation
Is true.
Taught me a lot,
Most of which I forgot.
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White Marble

The virginal white marble
Still leaves impressions on my face.
I can’t retrace the past,
It’s gone.
What a waste
I was.
But the connection endures
And floors me
To the ground.
You know that already;
Stay steady and recoup
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Epic Formulaic

– Epic 1 –

New story,
Same beginning.
I know how this ends.
Our hero,
Deep on morals;
How tragic he looks.
He has no friends.
Always on the move
Definition of a loner.
Short on words.
Long on

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How does it feel

How does it feel?
I have no reputation.
The music seems unreal,
Defies my expectation.
Let’s keep this real,
Been a long time
Since I felt your skin
Next to me;
But trust me
I can’t forget
And of
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Beach Walk

If I walk away

Would you have me stay?

Then take my hand.

Watch the sun go down

The sea at our feet?

The silent stars

Reflected in your eyes,

I start to realise

I could drown in you.

I … Read the rest

Extreme Sports

I don’t fall in love the usual way,
Gamboling through meadowed fields
Hand in hand;
I am not that kind of man.
I freebase
Right from the top,
I don’t care about the drop.
If it feels right
I will
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