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Nothing comes from nothing,

But something did.

Walked out,

Taking early breaths;

Then began to shout.

His outraged screams

Unwelcome in the crowd.

They wanted joy and laughter,

But that’s not what it’s about.

Their roar wore a silence,

But … Read the rest

P**S OFF! [Daughter]

How dare you!
My own  daughter.
So petty minded
I have to close
This account.
Expect nothing more
Everything gets cancelled
As I shut the door
Now f**k off
Tell your mum
You are on your own.
How does that … Read the rest


What is a life man creates,
Then debates with himself,
And states,
The obvious.
To how he behaved,
Cradle to grave.
Says his concern is the truth,
But lied,
All the way.
Do we count him well?
Don’t judge,… Read the rest


Thursday morning at 8 o’clock
And his day begins.
Brushes his teeth
And goes downstairs,
Knowing there’s nobody there.
He stares into the mirror,
And combs his hair
In the early light.
Try’s to remember what
Happened last night.
His … Read the rest

The Word

The word.
I am the world.
Don’t f**k with me, I know how this is fashioned,
Built on blood
Are we understood?
Put a gun to my head.
I dare you,
Do I scare you?
Be afraid.
What happens next
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Did you see him,
On the highway?
Was he wasted?
Where was he going?
I can’t say,
There’s no way of knowing.

How did he look?
I suggest,
A little forsook.
Well, he must be in book.
Check forensics DNA… Read the rest


Sorry, don’t know,
Where time went.
Eroded and corroded,
Thrashed by sentiment.
Chewed up and bent.
Liked to get loaded,
White wine, whiter lines,
Screwed, smoking weed,
So I could sleep.
The days I nearly died,
Mashed and ferment,
This … Read the rest


Join the dots,
Of my tears.
Hear the fears,
In my heart,
What do they say to you?
On my knees,
In deep freeze,
And praying,
Don’t go down that hole.
Don’t go down again,
No, no, no.
We both … Read the rest

Dark Streets

Walking down dark streets.
Darker thoughts follow him.
Where does he begin?
No story left,
The warp and weft,
Of life he wears,
His cares in every stitch,
Yet rich with ideas.
He looks for ancient patterns,
In a tidal … Read the rest


Just shut up and listen,
For a while.
The devil,
Has a handsome
Not like mine,
Ripped off,
As a child.
No ransom paid,
So I went wild.
A feral kid,
Who did what,
He did.
Relied on no … Read the rest


Some times I get high,
On skunk or weed.
Treated like a criminal,
Who has no future in me.
F**k the law.
I say it repeatedly.
So post bail.
Do you want me?
See me fail.
I give up!
So … Read the rest


I am not a criminal
Sometimes maybe subliminal
Point a finger at me
I break it off
I am famous
For being dangerous
So don’t f**k about
I can shout louder
The sound of my voice
Your only choice
Don’t … Read the rest


His guns are blazing

The action amazing

Wasn’t meant to be here

But the fear

It strikes

He cant pull the trigger

No more

A score of men

Lying on the floor

Probably had wives and kids

Just like he … Read the rest




Robbers get

Robbed by other


Jobbers of an ancient game,

To thieve and cheat

The larceny


Always the same

Laziness and greed.

Why bother

Is there a need?

Drugs, cars, money

Seems funny

If legally obtained… Read the rest


I saw it in your eyes,

There may be pain involved

And sure enough there was.

But what is pain to love?

I went to work the next day,

Made excuses for the black eye

And calling you said sorry.… Read the rest

Blood Fuelled Passion

Dreams come unbidden.

Hidden and unguarded thoughts
Taught with expectation.
Revelation of the inner soul?


I rode my horse hard, back to the house,
Bringing forth snorts of protest from the beast.
My anger at that infernal woman beat … Read the rest

The Fight

I cut and I hacked

‘Till the bodies

Stacked up

Behind me.

I felt no remorse

But of course

The enemy would find me.

He stood tall;

I looked him in the eye

And spied

A weakness.

Swords clashed,

Sparks … Read the rest

The Courtroom

You can die in a courtroom;

No bloom in your face

What can erase

The chase you find so important.

And so you rant,

Like a p*issed up tramp.

No lamp lights your way.

Oh, I tell a lie

Come … Read the rest