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Come in sir, a suit you want?

Gotta measure you first.

Gotta measure your thighs.

Which way do you dress?

Where my balls hang best.

Not given to frippery,

But that was just a jest.

The tailor smiled.

I see … Read the rest

No Mystery

Going no where,

What’s the trouble?

Think you can double

On debts?

You gambled too heavy,

Spare the grievance,

Look at the achievements.

It’s not a mystery,

But there is

History here.

Big boys don’t cry;

They f*****g do,

I … Read the rest

Strung Out On Heaven’s Light

Strung out on heaven’s light.

I’ll be good tonight.

The strangers came today,

To take me away.

A nuisance to society

They said.

Don’t believe it;

Every kiss I gave

Was meant for you.… Read the rest

Next II (Daughter)

I know you love him,
No picture,
Just  a frame,
And the shame,
You feel closely,
Will pass away.
A man can do so much,
But he cannot grasp,
When his reach falls short.
He is dying,
But once he … Read the rest

Bang Bang

Bang bang you shot me down.
I don’t believe in anything.
You say no more.
Feels strange,
That you tell lies.
Fly blown,
Just the kind,
I despise,
I am not your clown.
I can love,
Or frighten you,
The … Read the rest

New Years

New year’s eve,
Brazilian style.
Nephews, nieces,
For a while.
If this don’t make,
You smile,
You’re not a child,
I know you are.
You want to share,
But you’re going spare,
They fill the room.
Different faces,… Read the rest


Listen well in quiet rooms,
There maybe something there.
Speak soft amidst the noise of crowds,
And your voice will be heard.
Act when others do not dare,
They are full of doubt and fear.
Be generous when you have … Read the rest

No Idea

No idea where I take this don’t want to share.
Mental illness,
Is not a disease,
But please me,
Don’t walk away,
From me

Sometimes I think stoically,
You can burn the past.
It won’t last.
Will always bite you … Read the rest


You don’t get confused,
By the body of Christ,
And so I rise.
Three days,
Just to look at you,
I don’t want to lose.
I choose my moment,
So specifically,
I don’t judge.
I will not comment.… Read the rest

Development Arrested

Development arrested,
But tested,
To the limit.
I could never be a man,
Just a child,
Some women thought me handsome,
But the ransom,
Once paid,
Always brought rejection.
With fear,
Self doubt.
My heart is open,
Tell … Read the rest

Love Clean

I wanted to hate her, but I couldn’t.
Showed me something that I shouldn’t.
I would not witness again, so I wouldn’t.
I don’t tell lies to my dying day,
So I walked away,
And so I pray.
Only thing … Read the rest

Immaterial Gall

Listen up, word up hear the call
Not a day goes by
How and why
We ever happened at all

You are never on your own
Always on the telephone
Young men by my pool
Tennis coach and fitness trainer… Read the rest

James Bond

Smooth, smooth, just like James Bond.
Maybe I am a wizard with a magic wand?
I can grant you a wish, or maybe two.
When I fall in love, then it’s all about you.
You stole my heart, but I
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I Got the Lies

I cant hear the beat of drums,
But the silence always hums
From the graveyard full of tombs.
Where the patient dead lie
Awaiting resurrection, why?
The countless hopes that always die,.
But the loop plays on,
Long after the
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Existere (latin, to become.)

For all the women
I never had
When I tried to impress.

For the love I gave
And the love I had
That never seemed to last.

For the drugs and booze
when I went too far
A creature of … Read the rest


I was shouting in a canyon.
Every step I took
Echoed from the walls;
But the calls of h**l
Shook me.
You can’t go there,
Whatever the despair.
I know you feel
And steal from tomorrow.
I live on borrowed
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Say something outrageous,

Come on you can do it.

But the fluidity of speech

Evades me.

I was once courageous,

But the battle lines


I have no idea

Where I am going with this.

I extemporise.

Don’t patronise me;… Read the rest

One More Time

The battles lines are drawn,

The scornful hate withdrawn.

I will go toe to toe

With anyone you know.

I have lost my greatest treasure;

But the measure

Of a man

Is what he fights for.



Is what … Read the rest


The portrait in the picture,

A sad and lonely man.

But the eyes;

The eyes can’t tell a lie.

The stricture

It imposes just a mockery

Of truth.

Can you lie again?

I seek a truth

And I will never … Read the rest

Paper Thin

I must have slept all day,

Then the night begins again.

This time belongs to me.

My nerves are red raw,

Morning betrays the score;

They are paper thin.

Light makes the darkness


Maybe I am just guessing

I … Read the rest

The Boxer

In a corner stands a boxer,

His anger and his rage begin again.

He will not give in,

But the guy ahead of him

Needs an uppercut to the chin.

Don’t back off

Don’t back off

The audience goes wild.… Read the rest