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No Shame Or Blame

What tares like a passion

Can drift; can lift two people apart.

Who good heart

But not meant to be.

I know you are over me

But where does that

Leave me?

Apportioning no blame

The shame is mine.

But … Read the rest

Nowhere Man

In and out he goes;

And throws a new reality.

Where the woes go

He does not know.

Not given, but snatched

From some uncertainty.

So he rests.

Did he get it off his chest?

Oh no oh no.

He … Read the rest


Once upon another life, when I was free I saw you,

You saw me.

Incarceration; a grown man but a child inside, feckless reckless.

Keeping secrets, he made his way

In the world,

Yet he curled from the past,

And … Read the rest

The Raven

Pretty girl

You looked at me

No idea what you see

Do you see the blame?

And the shame I feel?

Maybe less than half a man.

Never enough,

Looking for normality;

So I built

My own reality.

The raven … Read the rest


We can’t liberate
Our feelings.
They cascade,
From love
To friendship.
When breathing
Feels like stealing
No lip service;
It’s a mandate.
Rise above.
Can’t get p****d
While doing this
Then it has no meaning.
If you do
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Come fly butterfly;
We go together
And I will try
To show a better life.
Reach out, hold my hand,
You will not fall.
We promised everything;
Now hear my call.
Sworn to the damned,
But I can see angels.
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Under My Skin

You will never know

How much I loved you.

You will never know how much I cared.

But it’s time to check out;

That’s what this stories about.

No more dreams.

If that seems old fashioned

I just gotta let … Read the rest


I, I can remember
The falls I had.
But you,
That’s you I said
Rescued me from garbage
Without invective.
This may be retrospective
Musings of a life once held,
Now disconnected.
They only review
So nothing is new.
Look … Read the rest

Long Time Ago

When emissions don’t unfold

We begin again.

It stretches, it folds.

Waves before

Are no more,

Yet the cold



Don’t be ashamed

You were claimed a long time ago.

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The Wind

The wind through the wire

Makes a tune

Yet no one plays.

The dreams I have

Do not inspire,

Only delay.

The heart beats,

But I am tired

Of the monotony.

Eventually it got to me.


Will I blow … Read the rest


You seem to know all about me;

I know nothing of you sir.

Please tell me who you are.

No. I wont look on anymore,

Your countenance says all.

You look, sound and act like me,

Yet you are not.… Read the rest

Ancient Guilt

What did you want?

What more, what did you expect?

Fine sentiments, friendship, even love

All purchased.

Not from generosity

But ancient guilt

Of what?

You have no reason to stay,

Yet still the clay

Of you is damp.

An … Read the rest

One More Time

The battles lines are drawn,

The scornful hate withdrawn.

I will go toe to toe

With anyone you know.

I have lost my greatest treasure;

But the measure

Of a man

Is what he fights for.



Is what … Read the rest


The portrait in the picture,

A sad and lonely man.

But the eyes;

The eyes can’t tell a lie.

The stricture

It imposes just a mockery

Of truth.

Can you lie again?

I seek a truth

And I will never … Read the rest

The Horse

Talent loves genius,

But genius steals

From all around.

He is really serious

But unsure of his ground.

Life don’t take place in a novel,

You cant scribble it out;

Leaves an indelible stain

On the soul

And the whole… Read the rest

One More Time

The battles lines are drawn,

The scornful hate withdrawn.

I will go toe to toe

With anyone you know.

I have lost my greatest treasure;

But the measure

Of a man

Is what he fights for.



Is what … Read the rest

Just For You

I write this just for you.

I understand what you are going through.

There is no closure;

Life exposed

In its rawest.

The pain is great,

Don’t operate.

I feel the lash too;

But we can be heroes,

After a … Read the rest

A Man of Little Talentx

Am I an angel,

Or the devil incarnate?

Now have to stand on

my own two feet

And listen to the beat

Of my heart.

What does this say about me?

I am not a loner,

I delight in eccentricity.… Read the rest

Lost & Found

The smile on his face.

Looks like a special


Who just wants to know

What comes next;

Blessed with intuition.

A talent

Once forgotten,

Sensitive in the extreme.

You can’t fool him;

He watches everything,

But doesn’t know

The … Read the rest

Scathing Walls

They want me to fit in,

So I scratch the walls

‘Till my nails bleed.

What I need

Is to get them off my tail.

I can’t bail,

Never shirk a fight;

But the cold light

Of my destiny

Grows … Read the rest

Your Look

There is nothing I can do

To forsake

The truth of you;

Always honest,

And I promised

I would be good too.

I Let you down;

The frown on you face

Told me all I needed to know.

Your look … Read the rest