About the Author

Business success bought him enviable material wealth however,  he lost his great loves, child, friends and very nearly his life.  The stresses incurred by high yield investment brokers has never been thought important, especially when you envisage stock brokers in the 80s burnt out by 40 years old on cocaine.  The author chose Alcohol to walk by his side through the good and bad times, or more likely it was “Alcohol” that chose him, for love of his Pandora mind?

Driven from a young age to be successful led to a university experience thrumming with vintage determination and dour grit which, he still has performance nightmares over today. He graduated in Law yet chose a path in the investment sector when an opportunity he couldn’t resist arose and indeed shaped the rest of his life, a marriage,  in sickness and in health et al.

His allegories are intense and often chilling, telling of the world he finds himself in, his search for an understanding and explanation of what he looked for, found and now regrets losing.  Love, lust, anger, past regrets and future hopes. Some come from a place many will understand but not wish to admit.

Finally it is hoped that the Whittaker Chronicles can help others to understand they are not alone in their self imposed vista and, for those close to such a soul realise the heaven and h**l that is ticking through their mind.


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