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The Woman, Interrogation

How did you feel?

Rejected, neglected?

I am not sure

I hurt my back I guess

We are not talking of the physical

Your issues are mental

You think I am insane?

No, no, calm down

We don’t make judgements

Then why are we here?

You are the one in the straight jacket

I don’t believe what they say about you

I think we could use you

Forget CIA or MI5

We need deep cover

And you are the best

Get it off your chest

Your journey is rare

Dare I say, unique

Release me

No, you are a dangerous violent man

I never harmed anyone

We looked in your head

Now, will you work with us?

If I can

I said forget about the woman

But I fell in love

Then fall out!

The equation balances

Your chance is overcome

By impossible expectations

Maybe that’s the explanation

For your serial failure

In these situations

Pay no heed

That’s not why you are here

You have heightened


More animal than man

So what am i?

You decide

We don’t care

But there is something in you

That collides

Like a planet or some shit?

Much much bigger

Here’s a gun, pull the trigger

I would never do that

I hear you snigger

You can see the rage

I am in so don’t tempt me

Don’t exempt the possibility

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