The Currency Of Love

 The weakness in the currency of love

Even darkness cannot hide the truth,

Bartered, traded and exchanged,

A minor cut each time,

Till all is gone

Used upon


Yet a shell remains

A façade if you will,

The fakery of living

Leaves me withering

On the vine.

Am I going mad?

Have I become deranged?

What matter,

Who gives a whit

I will try to explain.

My mind seems intact

Never clearer.

I see my dissolution

Reflected in the mirror

Where once I saw my face

Looking suspisciously well

But I know inside

There is nothing but a shell

Bad things can happen and are done

In the name of love

Born of a capricious nature

I cannot do this again

But there is no magic cure

So I am drawn to the light

The light and the pain


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