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The Cat, Continued

The fur you have is most enticing

Your eyes, so large and engaging

Did you see my claws?

No I said

I keep them hidden

Unless, of course, you threaten

Why would I do that?

He laughed

You would be surprised

Talk to the woman

She can tell you more

I gave the cat one last stroke

Said I loved him

He replied, I know

I could not believe the arrogance of the bloke

I went in search for her

She appeared

Under mysterious moonlight

Her obvious beauty could stop the heart of any man

Not mine

She wore all white

Defining every conture

Her hair was rich and dark

I just wanted to touch

Steady boy, you expect too much

But I thought

You thought wrong!

I am not here for your pleasure

The measure of man

Is in his soul and kindness to all creatures

Until you show me that

Keep it in your pants!

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