The Beat

Don’t give me s**t,
It just don’t fit.
I ride my BMW
Down the street
Where the elite live.
No one looks at me.
I don’t rob liquor stores.
Money bores me;
You need it of course,
But you are too young and clever
And what ever happens
I accept as finality.
I was thinking the same thing.
Ding Ding,
Enter the ring once more
First punch means something.

You cant forget
Once you heard it.
The turgid repetition
Is complete,
But has no harmony
And the spell on me
Cannot defy gravity.
I wish it would,
An angel without wings
To fly,
Just mere mortal
And brings
Passions of desire.
The fire of man.
I have the resting heart beat
Of a dolphin or whale
So I am drawn to sea.


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