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His guns are blazing

The action amazing

Wasn’t meant to be here

But the fear

It strikes

He cant pull the trigger

No more

A score of men

Lying on the floor

Probably had wives and kids

Just like he did

He shoots the wounded

In the head

No prisoners taken

Some how he feels broken

He knows he is bigger than this

Quickly dismisses the thought

If fighting taught

Him one thing of course

You can’t have remorse

Lock and load lads

On my signal

Follow me

We lose men today

Don’t be one of them

Fight for your life

In this perishing cold

A soldiers life

Aint served well

We go to hell or die

Do as I say boys

Stay brave

We can see this through

Aim at the head

Surest way

Don’t cave

We are a body forged

In the fire of will

Ready to kill

They must not get away

Today is the day

Fix bayonets

And we gorge

On their blood

We cannot be slaves

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