I am a relic

From a bygone age,

I don’t need confrontation.

Just a small town boy

In a rage.

Don’t lock me up,

I will get out of any cage you put me in.

Now shut up.

I will give this tale a different spin.

There is one offer

On the table.

What’s true,

What’s not.

I proffer some advice,

Before you answer the question,

Don’t lie.

Mendacity hurts the giver

Like drinking poison,

Expecting the other to die.

But I can see when you go too far,

You forget who you are

And invention turns cold.

So I stole

As I was out of ideas.

I was not objective,

Left me covered in tears.

The degradation

Becomes my reality.

I guess I was lucky,

I had a certain talent,

And a work ethic that would not quit.

I wish things were different

Between you and me,

But they are not,

And I forgot to mention

My point of reference,

And supported by evidence.

I have been with women before,

But you are the one I adore,

But it makes no difference anymore.


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