Listen well in quiet rooms,
There maybe something there.
Speak soft amidst the noise of crowds,
And your voice will be heard.
Act when others do not dare,
They are full of doubt and fear.
Be generous when you have … Read the rest

Soft Tones

Soft tones,
Down the telephone.
The catch of breath,
Imagining their world together.
Sweet pain of separation,
Yet ties cannot be broken.
Loves intoxication,
Makes dizzy,
With the expectation.
So precious to each other.
Hearts reaching,
Always touching.
Then face … Read the rest

What Must be Done

Structure imposed,
On the structureless.
Meaning imposed,
On the meaningless.
The beauty of chaos,
And the pointless,
Reality paper thin.
Trying to make sense,
Where do I begin?
Will someone ask,
What’s going on?
They don’t know,
So I … Read the rest


You keep your distance,
Its hard to explain,
But I won’t complain,
Just give me a chance.

I really don’t care,
Actually I do.
Perhaps I am untrue,
Maybe I am a liar.

I have no defence,
Total transparency.
That … Read the rest


Letters on the hallway floor,
Should I read them,
I am not sure.
Anxiously collected,
Why do I feel insecure?
Address is right,
And the name,
Council tax,
Bills in the main.
Then there’s one,
I open first.
Written in … Read the rest

Let it Go

Chasing sheets of paper
On the wind
They fly away
My thoughts upon them
But that was yesterday
Scattered in my dreams
I know
What they mean and say
To me.
Move on
Let go
Let go… Read the rest

New Chapters

Never deny
Who you are
What you did
Or said.
Unreliable voices
in the head.
Take care
I am here
You are there
But together
We turn fear
Into friend
Look back
Was it ever
Really there?
Stories don’t end… Read the rest


Is not ballet.
Daggers drawn,
Before the dawn
No choreography,
If you really want,
You will pay in tears.
We measure,
Each one.
Seems you are debit,
My son.
No, stop. Listen.
You can get this … Read the rest

No Idea

No idea where I take this don’t want to share.
Mental illness,
Is not a disease,
But please me,
Don’t walk away,
From me

Sometimes I think stoically,
You can burn the past.
It won’t last.
Will always bite you … Read the rest

Forget It

Happiness, step on my mind.
Take liberties,
Where I find,
But not with you.
Stew me out,
I can handle it.
Show me the door,
As I kiss you,
I got more,
Than this.
Don’t take the p**s.
So, … Read the rest


The ruptured structure,
Of our lives,
The truth.
If you want proof,
A heart so broken
Can’t be put back together,
Unless someone,
Picks it up,
Walks with it,
Runs with it,
To fields of rapture.… Read the rest

No Witness

Going down,
Feeling it’s the beat.
Going underground,
Where I don’t make a sound.
So many memories,
In the lost and found.
I can be discreet.
Did I say?
Just said I loved you,
On the street,
But … Read the rest


Just shut up and listen,
For a while.
The devil,
Has a handsome
Not like mine,
Ripped off,
As a child.
No ransom paid,
So I went wild.
A feral kid,
Who did what,
He did.
Relied on no … Read the rest

The Ghost

Thoughts whisper,
Through his mind.
The air feels strange.
The room so quiet,
And so he stares.
Hacks around ideas,
He doesn’t like.
Pages on the floor,
Only fit for fire.
Takes another look.
Is there any pattern here?
Gets … Read the rest

Change the Beat

Change the beat.
I never cheat.
Could I ever,
Repeat that?
Don’t leave.
Maybe could.
Do I deviate?
Why the lie?
You never told.
So I grow cold.
Said I have addictive,
To the truth.
Was not enough,
For … Read the rest


You don’t get confused,
By the body of Christ,
And so I rise.
Three days,
Just to look at you,
I don’t want to lose.
I choose my moment,
So specifically,
I don’t judge.
I will not comment.… Read the rest

Development Arrested

Development arrested,
But tested,
To the limit.
I could never be a man,
Just a child,
Some women thought me handsome,
But the ransom,
Once paid,
Always brought rejection.
With fear,
Self doubt.
My heart is open,
Tell … Read the rest

Sui Generis (Unique)

The facts,
I cannot take away.
Take you on a holiday.
We go bohemian,
For a while.
You say I am out of style,
But don’t detract from,
My smile.
I act like a child,
I know,
But it drives … Read the rest


Sordid details won’t go away.
Try to kill them,
But they stay.
You can’t run and hide,
They hunt you down.
You never lied.
I know you tried.
Now its all gone.
What of his poor son?
I will not … Read the rest

Tears of a Lion

You’re the first the last,
The alpha and omega.
Keep looking for the contrast,
But, I see you,
So I don’t think,
Blink it away.
Found someone else ok?,
But you happen to stay,
In my heart.
What the f**k!… Read the rest


Some times I get high,
On skunk or weed.
Treated like a criminal,
Who has no future in me.
F**k the law.
I say it repeatedly.
So post bail.
Do you want me?
See me fail.
I give up!
So … Read the rest