No Strings

Gradually, I became impossible, even to myself.

Witnessing an interminable fall,

My lifestyle ensured this was the only outcome

I was oblivious,

Blind to the consequences,

But I knew this could not go on.

The tedium of me left you no option.

You deserved much, much more

And falling in love will always trump hard currency

Regardless of how much.

The connections forged by emotion,

The strongest.

Money is just the score

In a pointless game

And greed the motivation.

So iam left with friendship,

And grateful for it.

The spirit of your heart

Beats for another.

You will find me no trouble,

If I can help, I will,

No strings.

I cannot consider others, it would be unfair,

Because they are not you.

These are the thoughts

That I store.


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