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My first friend

At a new school

I didn’t know the rule

But I was willing to bend

He was crippled from birth

Polio was rife

He was the only kid

Who would give me no grief

Didi i fall in love?

He had a handsome face

His shoulders broad and muscular

One day I saw him caught

By Elliot

A cheeky little prick

But he ought to know

The strength of the lad

I felt  quite sick

Don’t do it dave!

As he grabbed him by the throte

He looked at me and winked

Let him fall

Against the wall

Dave walked by

His calliper squeaked

Then turned to me and said

Will you always back me up?

Sure you are my friend but my voice was weak

I could not find the words to say

Friendship and love

Friendship and love

Thinner than a surgeons glove

No one has explained to me this day

But when the kissing starts

Friendship ends

And the dove

Flies far away

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