My first friend

At a new school,

I didn’t know the rule,

But I was willing to bend.

He was crippled from birth;

Polio was rife.

He was the only kid

Who would give me no grief.

Did I fall in love?

He had a handsome face,

His shoulders broad and muscular.

One day I saw him caught

By Elliot,

A cheeky little p***k,

But he ought to know

The strength of the lad.

I felt quite sick.

“Don’t do it Dave!”

As he grabbed him by the throat.

He looked at me and winked;

Let him fall

Against the wall.

Dave walked by,

His calliper squeaked

Then turned to me and said:

“Will you always back me up?”

“Sure, you are my friend” but my voice was weak,

I could not find the words to say

Friendship and love

Friendship and love

Thinner than a surgeon’s glove.

No one has explained to me this day.

But when the kissing starts

Friendship ends

And the dove

Flies far away.


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