Category: War & Acrimony

The Word

The word.
I am the world.
Don’t f**k with me, I know how this is fashioned,
Built on blood
Are we understood?
Put a gun to my head.
I dare you,
Do I scare you?
Be afraid.
What happens next… Read the rest

Forget It

Happiness, step on my mind.
Take liberties,
Where I find,
But not with you.
Stew me out,
I can handle it.
Show me the door,
As I kiss you,
I got more,
Than this.
Don’t take the p**s.
So, … Read the rest


Just shut up and listen,
For a while.
The devil,
Has a handsome
Not like mine,
Ripped off,
As a child.
No ransom paid,
So I went wild.
A feral kid,
Who did what,
He did.
Relied on no … Read the rest

Tears of a Lion

You’re the first the last,
The alpha and omega.
Keep looking for the contrast,
But, I see you,
So I don’t think,
Blink it away.
Found someone else ok?,
But you happen to stay,
In my heart.
What the f**k!… Read the rest

Words to Her

Is this an olive branch I see,
Or some barbed stick to beat me?
Not seeking an apology that once,
You gave so freely.
The viciousness of your attack,
Would break the back of lesser men,
But I am made … Read the rest


Even when I got sober
I knew it was over.
You didn’t have to go
Behind my back.
I would have understood.
I wondered how you could,
But that’s enough of that.
Your not coming back,
That’s just a fact.… Read the rest

War Story

He loved it,
Saw an unexpected beauty in it.
You had to look closely,
Difficult to define.
He had a job to do
And he loved it.
It was death or victory
For him.
I thought he had a screw … Read the rest


His guns are blazing

The action amazing

Wasn’t meant to be here

But the fear

It strikes

He cant pull the trigger

No more

A score of men

Lying on the floor

Probably had wives and kids

Just like he … Read the rest


No glory in war.

The men who died,

The heroes.

But what you saw

I suppose



No excuses.

This is raw.

Your story?

Show me more,

The gory details

Criminal abuses

I won’t think about it anymore.

Need … Read the rest


Silence can become betrayal,

The final nail.

He remains loyal

To principles

Long since sailed;

Not conventional

But rock steady

In conviction.

Always ready,

Often on the boil

Simmering now.

A glimmer of hope

Now stale

Looking for release

The … Read the rest


Bitter b****y war,

What is at the core?

Insecurity of nations

Or ruddy faced


Who cannot explain

Why this happened

In the first place.

Kills more

Than are replaced,

A f*****g disgrace.

Strafe, bomb or burn

Don’t turn away,… Read the rest


He stood before me,

Sword in hand,

The band of men

Around him;

Laughing at my plight.

You could not shine

A light

Between us.

Would I run or fight?

If I struck first,

As well I might,

One step … Read the rest

Put Down the War

Put down the war,

It’s a bore

To friends.

Sends the wrong


But presages


The horse steps back,

Dressage style,

And all the while

Empty handed


Without a smile

Cast an image

Of a little child

Who … Read the rest


Who gets paid for honour?

B****y bandages,

Loss of limbs

That only skims

The surface.

P*********y of disaster

Or would you rather

Look away?

I no longer can.

Not enough time,

People to meet;

I always lived

On easy street.… Read the rest

The Fight

I cut and I hacked

‘Till the bodies

Stacked up

Behind me.

I felt no remorse

But of course

The enemy would find me.

He stood tall;

I looked him in the eye

And spied

A weakness.

Swords clashed,

Sparks … Read the rest

Battle Field

The enemies’ swords

Cut and cut again.

The smell of cordite

Brought me to my knees.

I said please

Don’t you remember

The words I said?

I bled out for you,

That is not true,

Best put aside, laid to … Read the rest