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Even when I got sober
I knew it was over.
You didn’t have to go
Behind my back.
I would have understood.
I wondered how you could,
But that’s enough of that.
Your not coming back,
That’s just a fact.… Read the rest

Half Light

A half light.
Neither morning or night
Fills my room.
Thoughts come unbidden
And ideas hidden
In the recess of my mind.
Now free,
They wander,
Wraith like.
Ephemeral, formless
Often incoherent.
But sometimes, sometimes
They stick, take shape
And … Read the rest

Tied to the Mast

I took refuge
In your heart.
From a world
That sometimes didn’t get me
Or simply couldn’t see
What I was all about.
No matter how I shouted,
I was never heard,
So I didn’t speak a word,
But now … Read the rest

Be Mine

I searched for such a long time.
Was the hope of love fading
Like the closing of the day?
Or had it just begun,
A fire that cannot die.
I had been in love before,
But never like this.
One … Read the rest

One More Kiss

Kiss me one more time
Before I get onto that plane.
But through the pain of separation
An enduring smile remains.
The smile remains.

I hold you one more time.
Your soft lips touch mine.
Our heated breath turns me … Read the rest


Her touch indescribable.
The scrambled bible in his mind.
Was he dealing with an angel?
Surely, surely.
What else could she be?
He gave what he could,
Only his love.
Prayed it would satisfy,
But never sure.
Remember, don’t forget,
Read the rest

Ever Love

Did you ever love so much
You just want to die?
In the special moments of ecstasy.
Now they only make you cry,
And all the time
You wonder why.
But you can’t make it better,
No matter how you … Read the rest

War Story

He loved it,
Saw an unexpected beauty in it.
You had to look closely,
Difficult to define.
He had a job to do
And he loved it.
It was death or victory
For him.
I thought he had a screw … Read the rest


So don’t explain it,
I can’t try.
But I love the way you hurt,
And I love the way you lie.
A confused mind,
One of a kind.
The mold is broken.
Saying a token
To over reach.
Yet I … Read the rest


Am I the body of Christ?
The resurrection,
The way, the truth
And the life.
He that believes in me
Will never die.
Horse s**t.
Gave that up
Long time ago,
But still go back to it
Like an addict.… Read the rest

Just Want You To Know

I want to take you home,
Keep you safe
From the nonsense out there.
I can’t bare
The thought you are unhappy.
Slap my face
If I am impertinent;
I live in my head.
No shed, with p***o mags.

A Tear

So I bust a gut
Trying to rhyme.
Just give me some time
I will think of something
That will blow your mind.
Sooner or later
The world will catch up with you,
The mayhem I left behind.
Washed my … Read the rest


I thought of you on battle fields
I fought on.
No harm can come to you.
The people I shield
I can’t begin to tell.
If anyone raise a hand to you.
Promise I slay them too.
My daughter and
Read the rest

The Cross

Looking for a face that looks familiar,
Or something similar.
For a life that just escapes you,
No, no.
The lies told in you name traduce,
It’s just abuse.
Try to bring me down,
But the crown of thorns set … Read the rest


You hurt

But I don’t cry

No more.

Tears ran dry

Long time ago.

But I worry

For my heart.

I want to explain;

And I try

And I try.

Sort of constant refrain.

Find it hard to let go;

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Do you remember when
We loved each other?
I won’t bother with that again
Lovers take from each other.
But you left me falling apart.
I will start again.
Yes I will
And I can. 
I have no hatred,

Never Let It Be Said

Never let it be said
That romance is dead.
For there’s so little else
Going on in my head.
I wake up each day,
Try to wish it away
And I bide my time.
So I climb the walls instead.… Read the rest

I Didn’t Get Off on This

I don’t get off on this.
My promise to you
Full of platitudes.
Not being rude
In any way, shape or form,
But a storm is coming;
I can smell it.
And I walk the streets
Of Oxford
Bored out … Read the rest


I was shouting in a canyon.
Every step I took
Echoed from the walls;
But the calls of h**l
Shook me.
You can’t go there,
Whatever the despair.
I know you feel
And steal from tomorrow.
I live on borrowed … Read the rest


You are the queen of me,
But I am surely no king.
So many lacking
Bring me to my knees.
I look at you
And I guess;
The deprivation
Is true.
Taught me a lot,
Most of which I forgot.… Read the rest

White Marble

The virginal white marble
Still leaves impressions on my face.
I can’t retrace the past,
It’s gone.
What a waste
I was.
But the connection endures
And floors me
To the ground.
You know that already;
Stay steady and recoup… Read the rest