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You seem to know all about me;

I know nothing of you sir.

Please tell me who you are.

No. I wont look on anymore,

Your countenance says all.

You look, sound and act like me,

Yet you are not.… Read the rest


The portrait in the picture,

A sad and lonely man.

But the eyes;

The eyes can’t tell a lie.

The stricture

It imposes just a mockery

Of truth.

Can you lie again?

I seek a truth

And I will never … Read the rest


All my instincts
Told me
I have for you,
Would never be through,
But I threw it away.
As I say this
I cry.
It hurts,
Causes pain in
My guts.
How could I have been so … Read the rest

Just For You

I write this just for you.

I understand what you are going through.

There is no closure;

Life exposed

In its rawest.

The pain is great,

Don’t operate.

I feel the lash too;

But we can be heroes,

After a … Read the rest

A Man of Little Talentx

Am I an angel,

Or the devil incarnate?

Now have to stand on

my own two feet

And listen to the beat

Of my heart.

What does this say about me?

I am not a loner,

I delight in eccentricity.… Read the rest

Scathing Walls

They want me to fit in,

So I scratch the walls

‘Till my nails bleed.

What I need

Is to get them off my tail.

I can’t bail,

Never shirk a fight;

But the cold light

Of my destiny

Grows … Read the rest

Magic Vixen

You do not hold back.

I know this is true.

I said ‘I love you’ back on you.

The sirens scream for an arrest;

I detest, that’s an early warning.

The sun is dawning.

Will I pull through?

I must … Read the rest

Bring Me Back

I mean no harm,

But the charm

Of me

Has gone.

Now I am on the run;

Escaping what

I don’t know.

I want to show you

The deliberation

Of my expectation.

I did love you so,

Still do.

Bring … Read the rest


I need a place to go and hideaway;

I can’t stay here any more.

The core of my problem,

All too evident.

I wish I had the wits

To prevent

What is happening to me,

But I don’t.

Wake up… Read the rest

Not Impressive

I know I am not impressive;

But I am generous and kind.

I pay no mind

To those

Who find

My actions are deplorable.

I just want to help,

I still think you’re adorable.

That won’t go away,

And so … Read the rest

My Emotion Now

Some people might get some pleasure,

You’re not one, I am sure.

On my radio

I can put on a show.

You were my anchor,

Now I am all at sea.

Pen to page I don’t know where this leads;… Read the rest

Too Much

We kiss, we touch

Am I too much?

Did I come on too strong?

Love means more to me

Than I could ever say,

But I still like to play.


I was wrong;

Misfired reasoning,

Thoughts gone astray.

Forgive … Read the rest

Lost in Admiration

I am lost in admiration.
My precision
Is quite good.
I can’t touch you anymore,
The boundaries created
Leave me flat on the floor.
But I get up again
Or love is not true.
I think it is;
You give … Read the rest



You Gave me hope

That what I saw was true;

But that,

That was pure fantasy.

No melody

But discord.

And you know me.

Just wanted to stay true

To you


I know you’re with another.


You’ve … Read the rest

No More

I stagger when I walk

And I spit when I talk.

But my eloquence

Is no recompense

For what I put you through.

Sure you got money;

I know you didn’t want it

But I flaunt it


I miss … Read the rest

Look Who’s Back

Stevie’s back

Don’t take jack

Sees the lights

Of authority

Waving at him.

On his knees does it please


I doubt it

That would be sadistic;

Not in your nature.

Is there no cure?

Don’t be a critic,

Let’s … Read the rest


His face looks sweaty

You can bet he knows what happens next

Andrenalin kicks in

Flows through his body

But the pain

Won’t go away

Not today

Not tomorrow

So he lives a life in sorrow

For something he never … Read the rest


Don’t score with girls no more

Bit of a bore.

I find life a chore.

I could sleep with a w***e,

And get STDs.

Instinct tells me

If this doesn’t kill me,

It will make me stronger,

But I am … Read the rest

Prism of Love

Looking through the prism of love

I saw heaven above

And it smiled on me.

Full of colour, full of light

Now theres only  black and white,

And shades I cannot see.

The litter of a life

That too often … Read the rest


Paths crossover

Form a knot

A strangle hold on life

And I discover

More than I forgot

Imperfect memory rife

With clutter

I know so much

Yet knowledge of itself has no power

unless I untangle

These threads

Apply what … Read the rest

Check Mate

My underestimation,

She could always

Beat me at chess

And I am a smart guy.

Straight A’s –

That’s just education.


You cannot buy.

What about sex?

Wonderful smile,

Slim body

Next to mine.

The pleasure went by,

Now … Read the rest