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I love the way you laugh.
My soul cries out
For a woman like that.
You are not there for me
So let’s make a pact.
You know I love, leave that aside.
You can ride me senseless;
You love … Read the rest


I don’t know what I am doing
Screwing girls
I don’t know,
But it shows
Me in true light;
W***e Monger at best.
I choose confession
Coz’ it’s not
What you want to hear.
I bare consequences
Yet to … Read the rest

My World

Welcome to my world;

You are not my girl.

I pretend you are

But you are far away.

The distance is immeasurable,

But your company always pleasurable.

I really need you,

But that ain’t going to happen

So I withdraw… Read the rest


Say something outrageous,

Come on you can do it.

But the fluidity of speech

Evades me.

I was once courageous,

But the battle lines


I have no idea

Where I am going with this.

I extemporise.

Don’t patronise me;… Read the rest

My Emotion Now

Some people might get some pleasure;

You’re not one, I am sure.

On my radio

I can put on a show.

You were my anchor,

Now I am all at sea.

Pen to page I don’t know where this leads,… Read the rest

Woke Up

I woke up;

This was going through my head,

The dread rhymes

That can’t be said,

Only read

And then forgotten.


To the pit of mind.


Did I set the bar too high?

And if I did

I … Read the rest


Every time tied to the mast,

Passing oceans

Way too vast.

I am not forgiven

In my improvision.

This cannot last,

Go out with a blast.

Not much at stake.

It’s all in the past,

But memory lives,

Casts a … Read the rest

A thought

I tremble with

The fact I almost caught

You unawares;

But the stares

I receive

I want to believe,

But I cannot achieve

What I set out to do.

The glue

Of my life

Falls apart too easy.

The crazy … Read the rest


I, I can remember
The falls I had.
But you,
That’s you I said
Rescued me from garbage
Without invective.
This may be retrospective
Musings of a life once held,
Now disconnected.
They only review
So nothing is new.
Look … Read the rest

Long Time Ago

When emissions don’t unfold

We begin again.

It stretches, it folds.

Waves before

Are no more,

Yet the cold



Don’t be ashamed

You were claimed a long time ago.

 Read the rest


You seem to know all about me;

I know nothing of you sir.

Please tell me who you are.

No. I wont look on anymore,

Your countenance says all.

You look, sound and act like me,

Yet you are not.… Read the rest


The portrait in the picture,

A sad and lonely man.

But the eyes;

The eyes can’t tell a lie.

The stricture

It imposes just a mockery

Of truth.

Can you lie again?

I seek a truth

And I will never … Read the rest


All my instincts
Told me
I have for you,
Would never be through,
But I threw it away.
As I say this
I cry.
It hurts,
Causes pain in
My guts.
How could I have been so … Read the rest

Just For You

I write this just for you.

I understand what you are going through.

There is no closure;

Life exposed

In its rawest.

The pain is great,

Don’t operate.

I feel the lash too;

But we can be heroes,

After a … Read the rest

A Man of Little Talentx

Am I an angel,

Or the devil incarnate?

Now have to stand on

my own two feet

And listen to the beat

Of my heart.

What does this say about me?

I am not a loner,

I delight in eccentricity.… Read the rest

Scathing Walls

They want me to fit in,

So I scratch the walls

‘Till my nails bleed.

What I need

Is to get them off my tail.

I can’t bail,

Never shirk a fight;

But the cold light

Of my destiny

Grows … Read the rest

Magic Vixen

You do not hold back.

I know this is true.

I said ‘I love you’ back on you.

The sirens scream for an arrest;

I detest, that’s an early warning.

The sun is dawning.

Will I pull through?

I must … Read the rest

Bring Me Back

I mean no harm,

But the charm

Of me

Has gone.

Now I am on the run;

Escaping what

I don’t know.

I want to show you

The deliberation

Of my expectation.

I did love you so,

Still do.

Bring … Read the rest


I need a place to go and hideaway;

I can’t stay here any more.

The core of my problem,

All too evident.

I wish I had the wits

To prevent

What is happening to me,

But I don’t.

Wake up… Read the rest

Not Impressive

I know I am not impressive;

But I am generous and kind.

I pay no mind

To those

Who find

My actions are deplorable.

I just want to help,

I still think you’re adorable.

That won’t go away,

And so … Read the rest

My Emotion Now

Some people might get some pleasure,

You’re not one, I am sure.

On my radio

I can put on a show.

You were my anchor,

Now I am all at sea.

Pen to page I don’t know where this leads;… Read the rest