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Existere (latin, to become.)

For all the women
I never had
When I tried to impress.

For the love I gave
And the love I had
That never seemed to last.

For the drugs and booze
when I went too far
A creature of … Read the rest


I was shouting in a canyon.
Every step I took
Echoed from the walls;
But the calls of h**l
Shook me.
You can’t go there,
Whatever the despair.
I know you feel
And steal from tomorrow.
I live on borrowed … Read the rest


Say something outrageous,

Come on you can do it.

But the fluidity of speech

Evades me.

I was once courageous,

But the battle lines


I have no idea

Where I am going with this.

I extemporise.

Don’t patronise me;… Read the rest

One More Time

The battles lines are drawn,

The scornful hate withdrawn.

I will go toe to toe

With anyone you know.

I have lost my greatest treasure;

But the measure

Of a man

Is what he fights for.



Is what … Read the rest


The portrait in the picture,

A sad and lonely man.

But the eyes;

The eyes can’t tell a lie.

The stricture

It imposes just a mockery

Of truth.

Can you lie again?

I seek a truth

And I will never … Read the rest

Paper Thin

I must have slept all day,

Then the night begins again.

This time belongs to me.

My nerves are red raw,

Morning betrays the score;

They are paper thin.

Light makes the darkness


Maybe I am just guessing

I … Read the rest

The Boxer

In a corner stands a boxer,

His anger and his rage begin again.

He will not give in,

But the guy ahead of him

Needs an uppercut to the chin.

Don’t back off

Don’t back off

The audience goes wild.… Read the rest

Just For You

I write this just for you.

I understand what you are going through.

There is no closure;

Life exposed

In its rawest.

The pain is great,

Don’t operate.

I feel the lash too;

But we can be heroes,

After a … Read the rest

A Man of Little Talentx

Am I an angel,

Or the devil incarnate?

Now have to stand on

my own two feet

And listen to the beat

Of my heart.

What does this say about me?

I am not a loner,

I delight in eccentricity.… Read the rest

Magic Vixen

You do not hold back.

I know this is true.

I said ‘I love you’ back on you.

The sirens scream for an arrest;

I detest, that’s an early warning.

The sun is dawning.

Will I pull through?

I must … Read the rest


I need a place to go and hideaway;

I can’t stay here any more.

The core of my problem,

All too evident.

I wish I had the wits

To prevent

What is happening to me,

But I don’t.

Wake up… Read the rest

The Beat

Don’t give me s**t,
It just don’t fit.
I ride my BMW
Down the street
Where the elite live.
No one looks at me.
I don’t rob liquor stores.
Money bores me;
You need it of course,
But you are … Read the rest

Wild Winds

There is a place I know

Where the wild winds blow.

You really shouldn’t go near.

Any creature there

Lives in fear

When the wild winds blow.

They sculpt the rocks

And the valley bed

Where once a river flowed.… Read the rest

Ten Bears

He walks with a swagger

That’s something of a front

Wears Savill Row suits

But he feels like a c’nt

There is a dagger in his pocket

Which should not be there

He could eat you for breakfast

Without a … Read the rest


Don’t score with girls no more

Bit of a bore.

I find life a chore.

I could sleep with a w***e,

And get STDs.

Instinct tells me

If this doesn’t kill me,

It will make me stronger,

But I am … Read the rest

One Nighter

I was breathing for the moment

from a one night stand.

I know what I did.

I repeat, no comment,

But life toys with us all,

And the fall

Of a man can be great.

This feels like a confession… Read the rest


Maybe I am a reject,

Spoilt goods,

So I feel dejected.

Much was expected.

Head of school, captain of football,

Not tall stories,

But blind ambition cost more than I can ever show.

I love you dearly

That much you … Read the rest

Free Climber

I craved success

Measured by money.

I grew up thinking, this would make me happy,

But it didn’t.

I bought flash cars,

Houses and clothes

And rose to my limited potential.

Thought I was special,

A chosen one

But I … Read the rest

No Strings

Gradually, I became impossible, even to myself.

Witnessing an interminable fall,

My lifestyle ensured this was the only outcome

I was oblivious,

Blind to the consequences,

But I knew this could not go on.

The tedium of me left you … Read the rest

The Sheep

In a world of plenty for a few

And too little for the many

The meek do not inherit

The bullies do.

They don’t care

How they get there

As long as they arrive,

The arrogance of power

Sweeping all … Read the rest


Always a dreamer

A schemer

From an early age

Turn the page

Lets see

Where it leads

Discover the reality

The image

You receive

Don’t buy

This world is not

What you think it is

In case you forgot

I … Read the rest