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The ruptured structure,
Of our lives,
The truth.
If you want proof,
A heart so broken
Can’t be put back together,
Unless someone,
Picks it up,
Walks with it,
Runs with it,
To fields of rapture.… Read the rest

No Witness

Going down,
Feeling it’s the beat.
Going underground,
Where I don’t make a sound.
So many memories,
In the lost and found.
I can be discreet.
Did I say?
Just said I loved you,
On the street,
But … Read the rest

Tears of a Lion

You’re the first the last,
The alpha and omega.
Keep looking for the contrast,
But, I see you,
So I don’t think,
Blink it away.
Found someone else ok?,
But you happen to stay,
In my heart.
What the f**k!… Read the rest

Words to Her

Is this an olive branch I see,
Or some barbed stick to beat me?
Not seeking an apology that once,
You gave so freely.
The viciousness of your attack,
Would break the back of lesser men,
But I am made … Read the rest

James Bond

Smooth, smooth, just like James Bond.
Maybe I am a wizard with a magic wand?
I can grant you a wish, or maybe two.
When I fall in love, then it’s all about you.
You stole my heart, but I … Read the rest

Lyrical Lover

I am a lyrical lover.
I have no disguise,
Unlike Batman,
And I don’t fight crimes.
I am just a guy who tries,
And I see in your eyes,
You may want me too.
With my hand on your thigh,… Read the rest

I Got the Lies

I cant hear the beat of drums,
But the silence always hums
From the graveyard full of tombs.
Where the patient dead lie
Awaiting resurrection, why?
The countless hopes that always die,.
But the loop plays on,
Long after the
Read the rest

Just a Thought

Did you ever feel like this,
When you get p****d off
At every word they say?
So you pray
They would just go away,
Leave you alone;
But the phone
It rings incessantly,
So you answer
But the words
Choke … Read the rest

Epic Formulaic

– Epic 1 –

New story,
Same beginning.
I know how this ends.
Our hero,
Deep on morals;
How tragic he looks.
He has no friends.
Always on the move
Definition of a loner.
Short on words.
Long on

Read the rest

The Sweat

You are the only confident
I trust in this matter.
Don’t shatter my dream
And splatter it over the floor.
The door is open.
Do you have any idea
What I fear?
Surely not
My dystopian view
May come true… Read the rest

The Dance

 The stage is set,

The lead lady is on.

She is pretty and buxom;

Ain’t heard that word


Forget what is said

Just watch, watch carefully.

The husband impeaches her to love him,

She says no chance.

A cig … Read the rest

The Cat

I am a rat, treated as vermin

No ermine coat here.

Speak with the cat

He is pleasurable

And pleasure seeking.

But I tell you this

He can kill.

Not for any reward,

Just coz he can.

He walked by,… Read the rest

The Hospital

I found myself strapped to a gurney.

Why am I here?

He spurned my question, waved it away.

We have taken samples.

Samples of what?

Everything you’ve got.

Did you find anything?

Nothing springs to mind.

Except, except

Your blood … Read the rest

The Woman, Interrogation

How did you feel?

Rejected, neglected?

I am not sure,

I hurt my back I guess.

We are not talking of the physical,

Your issues are mental;

You think I am insane?

No, no, calm down,

We don’t make judgements.… Read the rest

The River

I watched the river closely.

While it always followed the same path

On its way to meet the sea,

You could never say it was the same river

You looked at only moments ago.

The water had moved on and… Read the rest

The Raven

The hour is dark.

Your door was open,

I flew in.

I have a message for you.

You are much bigger than I thought,

A stark reminder.

Memory is imperfect.

And don’t forget your childhood,

It plays out like a

Read the rest