Come fly butterfly;
We go together
And I will try
To show a better life.
Reach out, hold my hand,
You will not fall.
We promised everything;
Now hear my call.
Sworn to the damned,
But I can see angels.
Where in the world
Do I stand?
I stand by you butterfly.
Fly free,
Fly free.
The sunlight through your wings,
So beautiful to see.
Always and forever
I will chase
The butterfly in the sun,
Hoping one day
We can be together.
Where our love began.
Don’t be afraid,
Rest on my hand;
The greatest treasure
A man could demand.
Oh butterfly, oh butterfly
Fly with me.
Too late;
I have to demonstrate.
Memory takes me back.
Most of all
I miss you girl,
The choice I make.
You could break my heart.
I don’t think you will.


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