Still Looking

The Whittaker Chronicles walks you through an experienced mind of extremes of addiction, from divine happiness to utter despair of the same intensity.

A percieved land of plenty, sublime phycological mazes and occassional open vistas of clarity, turning to a mirrored reality at odds with the dream.

In the centre of the maze an unwanted prize, a cruel and unexpected actualisation.




Tied to the Mast

Tied to the Mast

I took refuge In your heart. From a world That sometimes didn’t get me Or simply couldn’t see What I was all about. No matter how I shouted, I was never heard, So I didn’t speak a word, But now...Read More
Be Mine

Be Mine

I searched for such a long time. Was the hope of love fading Like the closing of the day? Or had it just begun, A fire that cannot die. I had been in love before, But never like this. One...Read More
One More Kiss

One More Kiss

Kiss me one more time Before I get onto that plane. But through the pain of separation An enduring smile remains. The smile remains. I hold you one more time. Your soft lips touch mine. Our heated breath turns me...Read More
Existere   (latin, to become.)

Existere (latin, to become.)

For all the women I never had When I tried to impress. For the love I gave And the love I had That never seemed to last. For the drugs and booze when I went too far A creature of...Read More


Her touch indescribable. The scrambled bible in his mind. Was he dealing with an angel? Surely, surely. What else could she be? He gave what he could, Only his love. Prayed it would satisfy, But never sure. Remember, don’t forget,...Read More
Ever Love

Ever Love

Did you ever love so much You just want to die? In the special moments of ecstasy. Now they only make you cry, And all the time You wonder why. But you can't make it better, No matter how you...Read More


I love the way you laugh. My soul cries out For a woman like that. You are not there for me So let’s make a pact. You know I love, leave that aside. You can ride me senseless; You love...Read More

War Story

He loved it, Saw an unexpected beauty in it. You had to look closely, Difficult to define. He had a job to do And he loved it. It was death or victory For him. I thought he had a screw...Read More


Look dear baby What’s going on between us; Because I sense a difference Between us. Life can be tragic, But is magic At times. When the rhymes don’t fit straight. You can do it, You can do it, I know...Read More


I chose a life less worthy. Don’t think again. Put my finger to your lips Don’t lie again. Can’t we just begin Again? Not really sure. Some thing’s lay forgotten And blister on the floor. In sunlight.


I can’t tell you how to be. Just look at me And the controversy That surrounds. I ain't grounded In any thought, Not specially, But i do have a capacity For love. The only thing That’s real to me. I...Read More


So don’t explain it, I can’t try. But I love the way you hurt, And I love the way you lie. A confused mind, One of a kind. The mold is broken. Saying a token To over reach. Yet I...Read More


Am I the body of Christ? The resurrection, The way, the truth And the life. He that believes in me Will never die. Horse shit. Gave that up Long time ago, But still go back to it Like an addict....Read More


If you don’t like it Then just fuck off. My house, My rules. Sure I’ll miss you, But not enough To want you to stay. It’s in my blood. Can’t get it away now, I am not deranged, Estranged from...Read More

Just Want You To Know

I want to take you home, Keep you safe From the nonsense out there. I can’t bare The thought you are unhappy. Slap my face If I am impertinent; I live in my head. No shed, with porno mags. Yet...Read More

A Tear

So I bust a gut Trying to rhyme. Just give me some time I will think of something That will blow your mind. Sooner or later The world will catch up with you, The mayhem I left behind. Washed my...Read More
Just a Thought

Just a Thought

Did you ever feel like this, When you get pissed off At every word they say? So you pray They would just go away, Leave you alone; But the phone It rings incessantly, So you answer But the words Choke...Read More

Dream – Doctor’s Visit

I was on my way to the doctors wearing only my underpants as I was expecting to be examined. I stepped into the lift, but stopped at the wrong floor. I asked someone where the clinic was but didn’t get...Read More


I thought of you on battle fields I fought on. No harm can come to you. The people I shield I can’t begin to tell. If anyone raise a hand to you. Promise I slay them too. My daughter and...Read More

For The Love….

I washed her with care; My touch gentle. All the time, admiring her body, As water dripped over her curves. Having finished the task (Which was my pleasure) I then left. On my return She had dried In the warmth...Read More